A memorial always is a continual love to our love .
A memorial is our homeland of Soul, with a deep memorial culture.
Memorials always be cherished and respected. That is why now we have Moscow Novodevichy Cemetery ,- open-air sculpture museum.,Which  created by  well-known sculptor and architect and designer. From this famous point place ,we can see  through the history, human -being, literature, sculpture, architecture rounding up together .

Idwo Company Developing

Idwo company in 2008 every month exported 30 containers to Poland and some Eastern European countries. Then we entered Russian marketing in 2010 .In the meanwhile ,we exported to UK , North Ireland , America and Australia and Israel .Since 2006 until now ,we gradually to understand more and more about the tombstone itself. The blasting letters ,the colors of tombstone chosen , the engraving and individual memorial ,all shows the endless love to our loved people . With this emotional understanding of memorials , with the professional working attitude ,our company only choose the natural stone to produce ,never allow the dyed stone to process to make more rough profit . Here we appreciate all our long –term customers who trust us and keep order on us . Because of you ,we company keep growing and improving .And make us concentrate on the product quality and new product design .We keep bringing our customers more and more beautiful products .

How to Choose a Stone Material
Granite is the first choice for tombstone .Because it is hardness nature to stand sunshine ,snow attacking and also keep fine for longer time. All the granite is without crack line and only good grain of stone can be chosen to be produced. Making a good service to our customers and taking the responsibility of our end-user is our company principle . For the special and beauty , marble and sandstone also can be chosen . We take good care of every piece of stone ,especially for the marble and sandstone, it would be protected the water-proofing on the surface of stone . Idwo Stone Company Minimum Order Our company also can supply the bulk container , 30sets above is allowed. We also supply finished headstone including blasting ,inlay ,hand split carving , stone shadow carving or bronze composite as well .

Idwo Tombstone Service
We had our professional team work from CAD drawing , Inspecting Team supervised the product from choosing the right texture of stone to produce and make final inspection by company again to make sure every piece stone is a perfect work to our customers. Your shipping arrangement or Door to door service also can be taken. Idwo Stone Company Resource Now Idwo stone company has G654 dark grey quarry and New G603 quarry to make sure plenty and good material to produce tombstone. China black and White marble is our another massive production material . In addition ,we also import Indian , Norway stone material to produce to reach our customers needing . We develop our products on the basis of our customers needing .
Our Wishes
Here we sincerely hope that our serious working attitude and professional production system can bring a long-term ,trustful business relationship between us .


Idwo Stone Company from Xiamen China,Supplying Tombstone, Memorials and Carvings